Principal Requirements

As parents, it is natural that our primary concern be the overall well-being and success of our children. We also have an understanding of the wide range of skills, talents and abilities needed to effectively be the principal for our school. Earl of March is in the midst of great change with this being our first year offering grades 7-12. It is important that our Principal be aware of the journey our community has been through to reach this stage in the life of our school.

The past several years has seen an increase in the need for various supports for mental health and wellness for our school community. Available resources have not grown proportionately and these issues are the primary focus of our guidance staff.

We need a Principal who can demonstrate a history of fostering a school environment that focuses on the mental health and wellness of the student population. He/she must be an advocate for the resources needed to support the mental health and wellness of our school community.

Earl of March has a reputation for academic excellence in the programs that are offered. These programs span a multitude of areas including traditional academics, the arts, technological education, and athletics. To nurture this excellence, staff must be supported in their professional growth.

However, education is not limited to classroom experience. Student growth and leadership should be nurtured beyond the traditional learning environment. Student Council, Leadership Camp, program specific trips and tours all positively contribute to the students’ growth.

We need a Principal who can demonstrate a history of actively supporting all programs and leadership activities within the school. He/she will encourage and support the professional development necessary to ensure continuing excellence in all our programs.

The Earl of March has a very perse population. Our school community’s persity spans race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and capabilities/disabilities. From a program perspective, we offer Advanced Placement programs to Community Living at the Secondary level and Autism in the Intermediate level.

We need a Principal who can demonstrate a history of welcoming, respecting, and supporting persity in all its forms.

The Earl of March has a very strong and involved parent community. We have well attended School

We need a Principal who can demonstrate a history of welcoming parental involvement. A Principal must be mindful of the partnership role parents play in the well-being and success of students, and must be able to work effectively with our parent community.

Council meetings and many active parent volunteers providing assistance in a wide range of school activities & initiatives. Council meetings provide an opportunity for the Principal to receive input from parents. At these meetings the Principal provides leadership and guidance on a wide range of school related issues and assists with problem solving when the need arises.

Principals need to be good listeners to develop a comfortable rapport and level of trust with both students and staff. It takes time and effort to build and maintain a relationship of respect within the school community. Positive and supportive interactions go a long way when implementing problem-solving strategies. Problem-solving techniques should be creative and implemented in a timely manner.

We need a Principal who has strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Principals are leaders. They need to be able to explain issues to staff, motivate their team, provide opportunities for growth, and model exemplary behaviour for the entire school community. Goals and expectations for students, staff, and parents need to be clearly stated. Earl of March is very large school comprised of both intermediate and secondary panels. There are well over 110 staff members interacting with a student population of more than 1600. A strong leader is vital.

We need a Principal who can demonstrate a history of excellent leadership and administrative skills

Above all, a principal is an advocate for their students. Principals must balance the needs and desires of teachers with those of the students. Fairness, consistency, and impartiality are key in conflict resolution.

We need a Principal who has proven experience in conflict resolution.

Finally, despite all best intentions, life always seems to get in the way of the best laid plans.

We need a Principal with an excellent sense of humour!

In summary, Earl of March requires a caring, compassionate, dedicated professional who has a strong commitment to creating the best possible school environment and educational experience for all our students.

School Council has always valued the spirit of co-operation between the parent community and the school administration. We appreciate that our Principal is highly visible and accessible within the school and within the community at large. We have enjoyed a close working relationship with our Principal. This experience has led us to value and appreciate this relationship and it is our hope that this will continue at such time when a new person is in this role.

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