• AP provides the opportunity to enhance academic skills and the satisfaction gained from handling challenging material.
  • AP provides the opportunity to investigate favourite subjects in greater depth.


  • AP provides students the opportunity to realize their full potential and thus master university-level material while in high school.
  • Exams are graded in the United States by university professors and experienced AP teachers.

Financial Rewards

  • Each university credit can be obtained at a minimal cost in comparison to the cost of a university course.

University Preparation

  • Having handled difficult material in high school, students feel more comfortable and have greater confidence in the university setting.

  • The College Board, in partnership with the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta, recently conducted a six-year study of the results of over 12,000 AP and non-AP students and found that students who earned a 3 or higher on AP Exams averaged:

    • Higher first-year grades in post-secondary, 

    • Greater retention to their second year, and 

    • Increased likelihood to graduate from post-secondary in six years or less, when compared to students who do not take any AP Exams.

    University Acceleration

    • Most Canadian and American universities, as well as international universities, grant academic credit ("advanced standing") for first year courses.
    • Academic credit or exemption is granted, by increasing numbers of Canadian and American universities, for first year courses thus providing greater university program flexibility.
    • This head start facilitates a greater level of academic concentration, double majors, or earlier graduation.
    • To research a specific university's policy for applying AP credit, see the College Board AP Credit Policy search tool, or go to the university's website and search "advanced standing."

    International Recognition

    Students sitting at table discussing project
    • In a competitive environment, AP courses demonstrate to universities throughout the world that a student is able to achieve academic success.
    • The AP experience is seen as a reliable indicator of future academic success
    • Most North American universities accept AP grades.
    • The AP Program, sponsored by the American College Board, is taught in over 22,000 schools around the globe.
    • Nearly 3 million students write AP exams each year.
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