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Courses Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Dance courses are offered in grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 

Dance, Grade 9, Open ATC1O

This course gives students the opportunity to explore their technical and compositional skills by applying the elements of dance and the tools of composition in a variety of performance situations. Students will generate movement through structured and unstructured improvisation, demonstrate an understanding of safe practices with regard to themselves and others in the dance environment, and identify the function and significance of dance within the global community.
Prerequisite: None

Dance, Grade 10, Open ATC2O

This course emphasizes the development of students’ technique and creative skills relating to the elements of dance and the tools of composition in a variety of performance situations. Students will identify responsible personal and interpersonal practices related to dance processes and production and will apply technologies and techniques throughout the process of creation to develop artistic scope in the dance arts.
Prerequisite: None
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Dance, Grade 11, University/College Preparation ATC3M

Prerequisite: Dance, Grade 9 or 10, Open
This course emphasizes the development of students’ technical proficiency, fluency in the language of movement in global dance genres, and understanding of the dance sciences. Students will explain the social, cultural, and historical contexts of dance; apply the creative process through the art of dance in a variety of ways; and exhibit an understanding of the purpose and possibilities of continuing engagement in the arts as a lifelong learner.

Dance, Grade 12, University/College Preparation ATC4M

Prerequisite: Dance, Grade 11, University/College Preparation
This course emphasizes the development of students’ artistry, improvisational and compositional skills, and technical proficiency in global dance genres. Students will apply dance elements, techniques, and tools in a variety of ways including performance situations; describe and model responsible practices related to the dance environment; and reflect on how the study of dance affects personal and artistic development.
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Dance Composition, Grade 12, University/College Preparation ATD4M

Prerequisite: ATC 10 OR ATC 20 are strongly recommended
The course emphasizes the development, creation, and presentation of complex compositions both within the school, and at the community level. It will build on and explore the applications of Dance Theory as it is used during the creative process. Students will concentrate on developing interpretive skills and the ability to work independently and collaboratively. The work of guest and peer choreographers will be analyzed and interpreted. Technical aspects of dance performance production will be learned. The intent of this course is to allow students to experience dance and dance creation in an in-depth and shared peer-professional environment.
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