Student Spotlight!

Student Spotlight!
Posted on 09/14/2018
Student Spotlight!

Student Spotlight!

Get inspired!

Each month we’ll highlight one student who exemplifies EOM’s Student Wellness monthly theme. Learn how these students take on the challenges—and reap the benefits—of prioritizing their own health and wellness.

September: Fitness


Grade 9

What she does:

Anna is a dedicated figure skater; she skates 6 times a week, up to two hours each time with the March Kanata Skating Club.

Why she does it:
“I love the adrenaline rush! Especially for jumps and speed. It’s a great feeling.”

How she got started:
Anna started in a learn-to-skate program five years ago. Her parents simply wanted her to feel comfortable on the ice so they could enjoy skating as a family, but she loved the sport enough that she wanted to go all in. Now she works with her own coach, training for competitions.

“When you work hard for something and you earn a medal, you’re proud of yourself,” Anna says.

What’s involved:

Anna isn’t only on the ice. Her fitness routine includes dryland training—conditioning and stretching---as well as ballet classes.

“There’s so much that can transfer from ballet to figure skating, like posture and arm work. After all, we’re dancing on ice.”

What’s her challenge:

Anna suffered from a concussion last year, which forced her to limit what she could do on the ice—no jumps or spins, only footwork. But she took the time to heal and she’s now fully recovered.

What’s her goal:

“I would love to skate for Disney on Ice,” Anna explains. She saw the shows as a child and has harboured dreams of being on the ice in character ever since.

What’s her message to you:

Anna knows that being active isn’t always easy. She’s been there. “Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get up off the couch,” she says. But then she reminds herself. “It is definitely worth it.”

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