Student Spotlight!

Student Spotlight!
Posted on 02/11/2019
Student Spotlight!
February: Goal-Setting

Sarah Cantin

Grade 12

What does goal-setting look like to you?
For me, goal setting is about wanting to change something in your life, figuring out how to change that thing, and then figuring out steps to make that idea turn into a reality. I use prayer, and spirituality as a method of reflection to show me where to turn to make those changes, and then as support to help me get through the difficult times. I also inform my family and friends about my goals, and use them to help as additional supports and to keep me on track.

What are some recent goals you have set for yourself? How have you been working towards those goals, and how are you feeling about it?
Some recent goals I’ve set were to return to school and graduate, and to fight my anxiety and depression to take control of my life again. I also set a goal to travel to Mexico and return kindness and help out a less fortunate community and show them they are loved.

In terms of returning to school, I moved home so I could be surrounded by family and get continuous support and encouragement. I got in contact with educators I trusted that helped me make a plan to return. I worked hard to be at school every day, even on days where I didn’t want to. In this respect, I am feeling pretty darn happy and proud of myself . My first semester went way better than I expected initially, and I am on track to a good second semester as well.

In terms of taking control of my anxiety and depression, I did a lot of inner reflection to remember who I am, and fought hard to bring that person back out. I realize it is okay to feel sad every now and again, and it’s okay if life sometimes gets in the way, but that whether big or small, obstacles can be overcome through making changes.

For traveling to Mexico, I accomplished this goal through my church. I went to Mexico and was able to help and support a local children’s home for children in foster care. I feel like I did some really good work, and it helped make me appreciate everything I have.

In what ways does goal setting help you with your well-being? Are there any challenges?
Goals give me something to focus on instead of worrying. Yes, there were, and are challenges. I keep fighting for my future, despite the occasional bad day. Some days I’d hear a voice that said “I’ll never achieve these goals”, but when I heard that negative voice, I told it “You’re wrong, I’ll keep fighting for my future, because I’m in control, not you!”

What advice do you have for your peers to in terms of their well-being?
It’s absolutely okay to stand out and be different. Don’t fall into the comparison trap, and don’t try to take someone else’s identity. You won’t discover who you are if you are trying to be someone else/someone you’re not. When you’re true to yourself and your emotions, everything will fall into place. The right people will come, and the right doors will open.

In all you do, be yourself, never lose your true self, and don’t be ashamed of who you are. Your past and your mistakes don’t define you. You define you!

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