Student Spotlight!

Student Spotlight!
Posted on 12/13/2018

Student Spotlight!

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Each month we’ll highlight one student who exemplifies EOM’s Student Wellness monthly theme. Learn how these students take on the challenges—and reap the benefits—of prioritizing their own health and wellness.

December: Generosity / Spirituality

Jasmine Quirk

Grade 10

How would you define generosity?
I think that generosity is a general sense of giving without expecting anything in return. I think you can be generous in many different ways, whether you give tangible items, love and support, wisdom, etc.

How would you define spirituality?
Spirituality can often be defined as believing in something bigger than oneself. While I agree with this, I think it can often be glossed over as belief in only gigantic concepts such as religions or fate. It does definitely include those things, but spirituality can also include believing in your country, community, school, and family,, among other things. For example school spirit days, these are days where we dress as a collective to get the morale of school up.

What have you done that you feel exhibits the qualities of generosity or spirituality?
Well, I mean I don’t know if I’ve necessarily exuded these traits but I do my best to stay very active in my neighbourhood and school community. I’m a pretty spirited person, like on school spirit days, I try to encourage others to be spirited as well. I try to offer help when I can, like aiding my peers and participating in charitable events.

In what way(s) do generosity / spirituality help you with your well being? Are there any challenges?
I think it provides a lot to my well-being. Helping others makes you feel good and in general feeling good is, well, good. I think that spirituality helps too, being a part of something greater than just memy gives me me purpose, even if it’s just being on a soccer team- II owe something to that team and have to be there. I’ve even heard stories of people who turned their lives around because they chose to care for something as simple as a houseplant.

What advice do you have for your peers to in terms of their well-being?
Helping others will always come back around to you, if you have the chance to, go for it! Please always remember that everyone is worried too, everyone is in their own heads wondering how they look or if that one text they sent four years ago came across wrong. They don’t have time to worry about what you’re doing. You can relax, and be yourself. We only live once, so don’t do anything wild that will make that one shot at living shorter, but be a little crazy! Go on an adventure, try a wacky hairstyle, go all out for a spirit day! If it doesn’t work out, so what? You learned! Anxiety and depression is something that follows teens like a plague, the more we relax and have fun with these years the more we’ll be able to look back on them and think ‘I’m glad I did that’.

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