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How Coop Can Help You
Dual Credit Program
Business SHSM Coop Credits for Part-Time Jobs
Post-Secondary Prep (PSP) Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a great way for ALL students to gain genuine work experience in their intended field of study following secondary school. Below are some concrete examples of how Co-op can help you.

How Coop Can Help You

  • University Applicants

Upon application, many universities require a student to complete a ‘Personal Statement of Experience'. Here a student can illustrate the steps s/he has taken to set them apart from all other applicants. 

  • College Applicants

Upon application, many colleges require students to complete an essay, test, questionnaire or portfolio. Here a student can illustrate the steps s/he have taken to set them apart from all other applicants.

  • Apprenticeships 

With more than 135 trades in the province of Ontario alone, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (part of Cooperative Education) can assist students with their pathway while still in high school.

  • General Work 

Cooperative Education can jump start your career in the general world of work gaining both experience and networking opportunities in a field of interest for you!


Dual Credit Program

This is a relatively new initiative by the Ministry of Education whereby high school students are enrolled in apprenticeship training and/or post secondary courses at their local college (Algonquin). Upon successful completion of the college learning requirements, students earn credits towards both their high school diploma and their post secondary education.

This program is intended for students in grades 11 or 12 who may be enrolled in cooperative education. Algonquin Partnerships has provided a short video which provides an overview of this program. The potential Dual Credit course offerings may be seen using this link:  Dual Credit Courses.

For more information on Cooperative Education, OYAP, or Dual Credits, please speak to your Cooperative Education Teacher or Guidance Counsellor and pick up your Co-op Application today!

Earl of March Special Coop Programs

Earl Business SHSM Coop Credits for Part Time Jobs

This cooperative education model enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the business world through their part-time employment.  The Business SHSM is the perfect avenue for this model since any part time job can be linked to the world of Business. 

Coop Student Participation Requirements:

  • Students need to be enrolled in the Earl of March Business Specialist High Skills Major program.

  • Students must already have part-time employment earning a minimum of 15 hours per week.

  • The part-time employment supervisors agree to complete the necessary documents such as log sheet verification and Cooperative Education Learning Plan.

  • The part-time employer agrees to meet with the Coop teacher for the minimum required visits as per the Cooperative Education Curriculum requirements. 

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