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photo of phys ed staffImagine a unique education opportunity of learning in a classroom and then applying that knowledge to your own life! The Department of Health & Physical Education provides students this experience through a combination of integrating current training practices, proven strategies and a positive, healthy learning environment.

The emphasis of the Health & Physical Education program is on physical activity. The program promotes enjoyment of, and regular participation in, physical activity, and healthy active living. The courses will help students understand how their personal actions and decisions will affect their health, fitness, and well-being. All courses address relevant health concepts, current sport and social justice topics while providing students with a wide variety of activities that promote fitness, the development of living skills and personal competence.

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The grade nine Healthy Active Living course focuses upon promoting physical activity while learning movement skills. Creating a foundation for personal fitness and wellness is an objective for the course as well as goal-setting and recognizing and nurturing leadership skills. The health topics investigate healthy sexuality, consent, the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and various other drugs. The ten, eleven and twelve Healthy Active Living courses compliment the grade nine courses by continuing the pursuit and commitment to physical activity and wellness. A focus on communication, decision-making, time-management skills and developing a strong work ethic are key components to each unit. The health units focus on healthy relationships, group dynamics, conflict-resolution, personal safety, proper use of social media, and mental health & illness, and overall wellness.

Our personal fitness program is very likely the BEST in the city! Students are introduced to spinning, HIIT, circuit training, rowing, metcons, olympic lifting, yoga, cardio pump, leisure pursuits such as cross country skiing, biking or 5km race training, and CrossFit workouts. We strive to introduce our students to a variety of fitness opportunities in hopes they’ll feel passionate about a few options and continue them well beyond their high school years. The grade ten Personal Fitness courses introduces students to a variety of movement skills to help them increase their physical literacy and functional fitness. Students are given opportunities to practice goal-setting, decision-making, social, and interpersonal skills. They develop resiliency, grit and mental fitness through pursuing their personal fitness goals. Students will also study the principles of training, training systems, the importance of being functionally fit and cover the basics of nutrition. The senior Personal Fitness course challenges students to develop and follow personal fitness goals and healthy nutrition options. The students analyze the effects of health and wellness in our community and examine the number of health issues affecting society today.

The Fitness & Recreation Leadership course recognizes and develops the innate leader in all of us. The students work on developing their communication skills, interpersonal relations, team-work and conflict management skills and strive to apply these proficiently to the various tasks assigned to them. Students develop mentorship skills through fitness and personal training. They learn about recreation and leisure activities as well as how to utilize needs assessments to engage a community in wellness opportunities such as The EOM Colour Run, Weights for Wellness, Youth Talks and tournament play. The students in the course are involved in the planning process from the proposal presentation to the post event debrief. It’s a great experiential learning opportunity!

The grade twelve Exercise Science course studies human physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, neuromuscular concepts and bioenergetics. The course uses labs as a vehicle to create comprehension between theory and application. It is an essential learning opportunity for students who wish to pursue careers in the following fields: Kinesiology, Nutrition, Health Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Athletic Therapy, Medicine, Osteopathy, etc.

Each Health & Physical Education course is geared towards empowering and preparing the students for a life beyond high school in the multi-faceted world of work. One where they have developed life skills and healthy habits. For more information about our curriculum please view our course outlines below or click here to read the Ontario Health & Physical Education Curriculum. 

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Health & Physical Education Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Healthy Active Living PPL1O PPL2O PPL3O PPL4O
 Spark PAF1O      
Personal Fitness
Recreation & Healthy Active Living Leadership

Exercise Science



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