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The field of Computer Science is a rapidly changing field. As such our courses strive to provide programming that models reality. The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to learn relevant and current programming concepts and technologies. As a result, course content is derived from Curriculum documents and not a textbook.

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 Digital Technology and Innovations in the Changing World 
 Computer Science (University)      ICS3U ICS4U
 Computer Science (College)     ICS3C  

Assessment Strategies

A variety of teaching/assessment strategies to address students’ needs will be used during this course. Formative assessments will be ongoing throughout the academic year and students will receive feedback intended to help them improve their learning. The chart below outlines levels with their descriptors. Levels will be used when assigning marks in this course.

Level Descriptors
 Zero No evidence of learning
 R: not a passable level of achievement Insufficient demonstration of understanding
 1: much below the provincial standard Limited understanding, weak, lacking purpose
2: approaching the provincial standard  Some understanding, simplistic, somewhat purposeful
 3: the provincial standard Considerable understanding, solid, standard, purposeful, effective
 4: surpassing the provincial standard Consistent, thorough understanding, in depth, insightful to a purpose, high degree of effectiveness

Evidence of Student Achievement

Students may demonstrate their understanding of the course materials in a wide variety of ways. Evidence of student achievement may come from observations, conversations, and students products. Student products may include assignments, tests, projects, performance tasks, and examinations. A balanced combination of a student’s Knowledge and Understanding, Thinking and Inquiry, Communication, and Application will be assessed. These 4 categories will not be separately evaluated. Instead, they will be “considered as interrelated, reflecting the wholeness and interconnectedness of learning.” – from the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum documents.

Learning Category Description
 Knowledge & Understanding  Subject-specific content acquired in each grade/course (knowledge), and the comprehension of its meaning and significance (understanding).
 Application  The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts.
 Thinking  The use of critical and creative thinking skills and/or processes.
 Communication  The conveying of meaning through various forms.

Source of Evidence  Description
 Observations The teacher may record evidence of student achievement observed as students work on investigations in class. 
 Conversations  The teacher may record evidence of student achievement elicited during a conversation with a student
 Products  70%  Tests  There will be major unit tests
 Assignments  Students may complete in-class assignments.
 Tasks  Students may have a chance to demonstrate their creativity, knowledge and understanding of the material through in-class performance tasks.
 30%  Summative Task and/or Final Exam  Students may write a summative and/or final examination to demonstrate their understanding that will summarize many strands at the end of the course.

Helping Your Child Succeed

First of all, don’t panic if you have no experience with computer science! Often it is the logical part of a program that students will have trouble with rather than the syntax (the actual code). Asking your son/daughter to explain their problem may be enough to help them determine the solution themselves! If not, discussing the problem together may help them work toward a solution. If possible, encourage your son/daughter to share their programs with you and experiment with different input values. It is important that the programs they write are easy to use and can handle a variety of input values (not just the expected ones!) You can be a useful assistant when it comes to ensuring their programs ALWAYS work as they should.

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