Save Your Google Files

Save Your Google Files
Posted on 06/19/2024
Attention Graduating students (and anyone else leaving the OCDSB)!

If over the summer you transfer to a new school district, or move, or if you graduate, you will lose access to your email and files on August 7, 2024*.

As a best practice, you should not use your school email address for personal use, including receiving paystubs, applying for university or colleges or signing up for personal accounts. If this has already been done, please provide those parties with a personal email address.

If you are not returning for the next semester, please make sure you have done the following before the last day of the term:

  • Remove any files you wish to keep from the OCDSB Google and Windows drives. This may include: resumes, job applications, government documents, projects to be used in your portfolio for post secondary education, etc.

    In Google Drive, you can download these as a .zip file and email them to your personal account or use Google Takeout.

  • Ensure your OCDSB email account is NOT the primary email account on your mobile device.

  • Sign up to any external accounts and services with your personal email address. (This can include gaming sites, web services, Youtube, online accounts). If you have already registered to these sites with your OCDSB accounts, transfer them to a personal email account (if possible), or create a new account.

  • Apply for jobs, colleges and universities with a personal email account.

  • Redirect any personal verification codes to a personal email address or your phone.

  • Ensure your employer has a personal email for you. Your pay stubs and employment information should not be directed to your school account.

If you experience any difficulty transferring your account, please contact a teacher or administrator at your school as soon as possible to assist.

Be sure to complete this before August 7!

*Graduating students who are in OCDSB two credit coop will have access past August 8th, as their program goes until August 16th.


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